1000W and higher

Air Cooled AC/DC
The Mercury line of industrial supplies from TDI Power are a series of AC/DC and DC/DC modules that are building blocks for reliable power solutions to suit a wide range of applications in the industrial market.

Mercury AC/DC rectifiers and DC/DC modules are available in three different mechanical package sizes and output power levels including 800W, 1200W, 2700W, 3800W and 4300W. Using a mechanical design that separates the power module from a hard wired connection shelf assembly, hot swapping of individual units is made simple. This is beneficial when paralleling large numbers of modules for redundancy or if flexibility for expansion is required.

With flexible input voltage ranges, high power and wide modularity capabilities, the Mercury family is an ideal choice for distributed power architectures and standby battery systems. Through TDI’s 50+ yrs experience in power electronics and our proprietary Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) processes, customers can expect years of performance with high MTBF and low MTTR. Rely on TDI Power for your next project that mandates reliable, accurate and flexible power.

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Cathodic Corrosion Protection Rectifiers

ICCP Rectifiers

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An environmentally sealed power module (ESPM) provides up to 2500 watts of output power with constant current control from 0 – 50 amps. The high frequency switch-mode power electronics are fully sealed and rated to be watertight, submersible, dust tight,corrosion resistant, sleet resistant and ideal for demanding environments. ESPMs are designed to be modular and can be paralleled with other like units for increased system output of scalable applications. Rectifiers are compatible with an Astrodyne TDI system controller, or one of your own design.


ICCP Systems

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Full systems are available for both indoor and outdoor cathodic protection applications. The high frequency switch-mode power electronics are fully sealed and submerged in oil to create a modular and easily replaceable air-cooled power supply. Full systems employ a state-of-the-art Astrodyne TDI controller used to automatically adjust output voltage for changing cathodic protection conditions.


Portable Test Rectifiers

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CP Toolbox is a rugged and portable test rectifier, weighing less than 25 pounds. The system is lightweight and easily hand carried into the field for testing ICCP installation sites inside a durable compact case. Advanced digital control provides the user with unlimited output interruption configurations. CP Toolbox provides advanced ICCP field testing capabilities through an intuitive user interface. The system is equipped with both manual and interrupt control to accommodate a variety of field testing needs with user defined on and off time for precise output interruption.

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DC/AC Inverters
TDI Power offers two standard series of modular DC-AC Inverters that provide True Sine Wave outputs from 24 Vdc or 48 Vdc sources (or higher in some cases). The modules are used in a variety of applications including Telecommunications, Data Center, Alternative Energy, Industrial, and COTS.
Standard features include:

  • True Sine Wave Output, THD < 5%
  • Hot Bus Plug In
  • Automatic Sync and Current Share
  • Demonstrated MTBF >1M hours
  • In addition to the hot plug LPE and LCE series TDI Power produce inverter solutions for many other applications including portable power, commercial airborn and vehicle power.
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Dynaload DC Electronic Loads

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Starting at 800 watts, Astrodyne TDI DC Dynaload eloads are available in single forced air-cooled mainframes (19″ 3U,5U,6U), multi-channel and paralleled units with master and slave control. For higher load capacity, Astrodyne TDI offers rack mounted loads that are uniquely water cooled with anti-condensation controls. A maximum of 10 mainframes, including a single master and 9 slaves can be chained together to create a total load capacity of 120kW. For higher power requirements, consult with Astrodyne TDI Dynaload expert for advice on a customized solution.


  • High Power Density – Parallel able to 120kW
  • High Reliability
  • Forced Air & Water-Cooled eLoad versions
  • Precision controlled plus (3) levels of range switching
  • High Accuracy and Resolution
  • Multi-channel, modularized structure
  • Five modes of operation: CC, CV, CP, CR and pulse frequency
  • GPIB (IEEE-488), RS232, and Ethernet (TCP and HTTP) Control
    (Consult product brochures for more detail)
  • Closed Box Calibration
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Liquid Cooled AC/DC
The LiquaBlade™ Series are the latest breed of industrial grade, high power three phase AC-DC power supplies engineered by Astrodyne TDI. These rectifiers combine advanced DC power processing, the latest silicon carbide semiconductors, patented liquid cooling and sophisticated microprocessor controls, resulting in up to 16.5 kilowatts of power in a single 1U (1.75” height) rack style package. The high frequency switch-mode design employed in LiquaBlade™ offers full active power factor correction, near unity power factor and excellent output responsiveness. The wide operating AC input range of 380-480V 50/60Hz permits global three phase application usage without the need of an external step down transformer. LiquaBlade is fully programmable – a perfect solution for applications that require a flexible power supply solution for their unique requirements.
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Liquid Cooled DC/DC
The TDI Power LiquaCore Series are a family of rugged liquid cooled DC-DC Converter products for use in industrial, hybrid and electric vehicle applications. LiquaCore products are ideal for distribution applications, such as powering low voltage 12V or 24V accessories throughout the vehicle. Choose from 400V or 700V inputs and 12V or 24VDC outputs with power levels up to four kilowatts.
All LiquaCore units feature:

  • High efficiency
  • Wide input voltage range
  • 3 or 4 kW power
  • Full galvanic isolation between input and output
  • CAN bus serial interface, field configurable
  • J1939 Communication connection
  • Adjustable output voltage
  • Over temperature, output overvoltage and overcurrent protection
  • Dynamic reverse polarity protection
  • Liquid cooling ports
  • IP67 and IP6k9k Environmental Protection
  • Automotive Grade Components
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Mercury Flex - Programmable DC Voltage & Current Source

The Astrodyne TDI 3.8kW Mercury-Flex is an ideal rectifier solution for applications that require a flexible, digitally controlled industrial power supply with a universal 90VAC to 264VAC 50/60Hz single-phase input, and a wide choice of adjustable DC output voltage range models: 0-28V, 0-56V, 0-85V, 0-125V, 0-400V. Advanced power conversion techniques deliver efficiency of up to 93%, with a Power Factor of 0.97 or better. Additionally, the Mercury-Flex series features a fixed 14VDC auxiliary output, useful for powering miscellaneous user circuits.

Using the digital CAN-Bus or Ethernet interface, Mercury-Flex can be factory pre-set or field programmed to operate in a constant voltage, constant current, or constant power mode. The digital read-back feature provides output voltage and current values, operating temperature, and protection alarm status.
For higher power applications, Mercury-Flex rectifiers can be easily connected into parallel current sharing groups with the aid of a four module shelf assembly, enabling designs of upwards to 228kW in a single universal 19″ rack (30U).
With stringent design rules per NAVSO P3641A and Highly Accelerated Stress Testing of all production units, the Mercury-Flex system benefits from a heritage of power products with greater than 1 million hours of field demonstrated MTBF. Designed with over 50 years of power conversion experience, and built in the Astrodyne TDI ISO9001 certified factory, Mercury-Flex is your high reliability solution for modular flexible power.

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Outdoor Sealed
Environmentally Sealed Power Modules (ESPMs) are ideal for industrial applications. Leveraging TDI Power’s vast experience in demanding Industrial, Military and Aerospace markets, this product delivers the highest standards of dependability, reliability and value.

All electronics within the ESPM’s aluminum chassis are fully sealed and submerged in oil, making the ESPM convection cooled and NEMA rated to be watertight, submersible, dust tight, corrosion resistant, sleet resistant and ideal for hazardous locations. The internal components stay cool and reliable without the need for fans or blowers.


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