General Lighting

COB arrays

Luminus chip-on-board (COB) arrays deliver industry-leading solutions for spot lighting and directional applications in general lighting from MR16 size fixtures and bulbs to industrial grade high bay lights and MH and CDM replacements. Luminus offers the best value solution available today.


  • Efficacy over 150 LPW (warm white) provides energy savings
  • CRI options of 70/ 80 / 90 / 95 to meet a range of application demands
  • 3 SDCM binning for a high level of color uniformity array to array
  • Flux options ranging from 300 lumens to > 25,000 lumens


COB Arrays Productfinder
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Mid power leds

Mid power LEDs are leading the conversion of traditional general lighting solutions to solid-state technology. From 0.18W to 0.93W, mid power LEDs are being incorporated into a wide array of the most demanding general lighting applications.


Features, Benefits, Applications:

  • Superior color quality
  • Ideal for linear, diffuse and directional lighting
  • Replacement lamps, luminaires and fixtures


Mid Power Productfinder
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XNOVA cube

The XNOVA CUBE™ is a unique, innovative SMD LED designed for illumination applications where a wide viewing angle, compact footprint, and precise color control are essential features.



The compact SMD package emits into a 170+ degree viewing angle, enabling designers with new degrees of freedom to solve many of today’s most challenging lighting problems. The very wide viewing angle promotes Energy Star compliance for replacement lamps, and results in increased mixing and uniformity for linear and area lighting. The miniature package size with high lumen density create a “point source” of light that provides flexibilty to develop innovative optical solutions. Additionally, the Cube LED advances the hallmark characteristics of the XNOVA mid power family, including high efficacy and color fidelity. The XNOVA CUBE—the right choice for color quality, efficacy and reliability.



  • Wide viewing angle: 170+ degrees
  • Compact: compact SMD
  • High efficacy: 120 LPW (typical)
  • Wide color selection: 2700K-5000K
  • 6V input


  • Ideal for directional and diffuse lighting
  • Replacement lamps
  • Panel lighting
  • High/Low Bay
  • Down lighting



Nominal CCT Minimum CRI Ordering Part Number Minimum Flux
Typical Flux
2700K 80 MP-1616-2100-27-80 100 115
90 MP-1616-2100-27-90 80 100
3000K 80 MP-1616-2100-30-80 100 118
90 MP-1616-2100-30-90 87 100
3500K 80 MP-1616-2100-35-80 107 125
90 MP-1616-2100-35-90 94 109
4000K 80 MP-1616-2100-40-80 114 129
90 MP-1616-2100-40-90 100 110
5000K 80 MP-1616-2100-50-80 114 130
90 MP-1616-2100-50-90 100 111


XNOVA Datasheet
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