Friwo LED

The DIMMbox and the connected LED(s) will be powered by the power supply / LED driver at the input of the DIMMbox. The dimming function is achieved by pulse width modulation controlle (PWM) at the LED minus output. The switching frequency is around 600Hz. The control range covers 10% to 100% intensity and 0% in the OFF position.



Stockno Description Output voltage Output current Dimensions
1894848 DIMMbox 48VDC 5000mA 153x30x21mm
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LED Drivers


  • Active PFC ? LT40
  • Voltage and current regulation within one design
  • High Efficiency up to 91%
  • Compact Design:
    21x30mm (LT10-LT60)
    24x30mm (LT100)
  • Fastening by screws, rivets, cable straps or clips
  • Minimal output tolerances
  • LED dimmable with DALI, 1-10V or Switch-Dim via connectable DIMMbox
  • Voltage and current adjustable in production process via laser trimming
  • Overload protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Continuously Short Circuit Proof



Stockno Description Output voltage Output current* Dimensions
LTUP*** 10/20 Watt
Water proof
1896539 LT10-12 8-12VDC 0-1000mA 51x25x48mm
1896408 LT10-24UP 8-24VDC 0-500mA 51x25x48mm
1895582 LT10-36UP 8-37VDC 0-350mA 51x25x48mm
1897067 LT20-36/600UP 15-37VDC 0-600mA 51x35x48mm
1896409 LT20-24UP 12-24VDC 0-850mA 51x35x48mm
1895583 LT20-31UP 15-31VDC 0-700mA 51x35x48mm
1897066 LT10-36/300UP 8-37VDC 0-300mA 51x25x48mm
LT10 10 Watt
1895008 LT10-32 2-30VDC 350mA 120x30x21mm
1895089 LT10-16 1-15VDC 700mA 120x30x21mm
LT20 20 Watt
1894910 LT20-24 24VDC 833mA 153x30x21mm
1894611 LT20-28 5-28VDC 350-700mA 153X30X21mm
1894612 LT20-40 10-40VDC 200-500mA 153x30x21mm
1895013 LT20-48 48VDC 417mA 153x30x21mm
1894613 LT20-48 15-48VDC 100-350mA 153x30x21mm
LT40 40 Watt
1894973 LT40-24 24VDC 1460mA 188x30x21mm
1894614 LT40-24 10-24VDC 700-1400mA 188x30x21mm
1894615 LT40-36 15-36VDC 500-1050mA 188x30x21mm
1894616 LT40-48 22-48VDC 350-700mA 188x30x21mm
LT40 IP67 40 Watt
Water proof
1894660 LT40-24 IP67 10-24VDC 700-1400mA 200x30x21mm
1894661 LT40-36 IP67 15-36VDC 500-1050mA 200x30x21mm
1894662 LT40-48 IP67 22-48VDC 350-700mA 200x30x21mm
LT60 60 Watt
1894681 LT60-24 24VDC 2500mA 240x30x21mm
1895136 LT60-36 20-36VDC 700-1200mA 240x30x21mm
1895106 LT60-48 32-48VDC 700-1200mA 240x30x21mm
LT60 SQ 60 Watt
1895373 LT60SQ-36 20-36VDC 1100-1600mA 130x60x21mm
LT60 DPA** 60 Watt
1895499 LT60 DPA 18-42VDC 1400mA 170x100x30mm
LT100 100 Watt
1894680 LT100-24 24VDC 4200mA 305x30x24mm
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LT Accessories


Stockno Description
1870704 LT SQ Cap for LT 60 SQ
1839772 LT Cap for LT10, LT20, LT40, LT60, LT100 and DIMMbox
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