As a world leader in the EMI filter and RFI filter component business, Astrodyne offers unrivaled expertise with suppression components including capacitors, coils and high frequency chokes.


We supply polypropylene and polyester film X and Y suppression capacitors. We exclusively use these capacitors in all of our EMI filters and control boards and supply the same high quality, approved capacitors to our various US based customers for their EMI/RFI suppression requirements.


Astrodyne supplies a full line of film capacitors including:

  • MEY-Y2 – metalized polypropylene film Y2 suppression capacitor, 275-300 VAC, fully approved
  • MEX-X1 – metalized polypropylene film X1 suppression capacitor, 310-440 VAC, fully approved
  • MEX-X2 – metalized polypropylene film X2 suppression capacitor, 275-305 VAC, fully approved

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