Silabs offers a full line-up of Bluetooth solutions including Classic Modules and Low Energy SoC’s and Modules. Quickly introduce Bluetooth connectivity into sports and fitness, consumer electronics, beacons and smart home applications with easy-to-use and innovative Bluetooth SoCs, modules and software from Silicon Labs. Use the same intuitive software for development with Bluetooth modules and SoCs to improve time to market and accelerate the migration from modules to SoCs.

Bluetooth® Low Energy Modules


Bluetooth low energy (Bluetooth Smart) is an open standard developed by the Bluetooth SIG. It is designed to address the needs of new wireless applications, such as ultra-low power consumption, fast connection times, reliability, and security. Bluetooth low energy consumes 10 to 20 times less power than its previous version and is able to transmit data 50 times quicker than conventional Bluetooth solutions. Go here to make your choice of world’s best low energy modules.


EFR32™ Blue Gecko Bluetooth® Low Energy SoCs


Quickly deliver Bluetooth low energy connectivity with Silicon Labs Blue Gecko energy-friendly 2.4 GHz and Sub-GHz wireless system-on-chip (SoC) devices. Take advantage of a Bluetooth Smart applications, software stack and BGScript based development that transitions your software from module-based to discrete circuit designs. Go here to make your choice of world’s best low energy SoC’s.


Bluetooth® Classic Modules


Bluetooth classic modules are completely integrated, certified, and high-performance radio frequency products that include all the necessary Bluetooth profiles. Go here to make your choice of world’s best classic modules.

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