Zentel offers a wide range of Automotive Memory solutions.


Density Part No. Type Voltage Speed Package Status Datasheet Simulation
64Mb A3V64S40GTP-60I 4Mx16 3.3V PC166 TSOPII-54 MP
128Mb A3V28S40FTP-G6I 8Mx16 3.3V PC166 TSOPII-54 NFND
128Mb A3V28S40JTP-60I 8Mx16 3.3V PC166 TSOPII-54 MP
256Mb A3V56S40FTP-G6I 16Mx16 3.3V PC166 TSOPII-54 NFND
256Mb A3V56S40GTP-60I 16Mx16 3.3V PC166 TSOPII-54 MP
128Mb A3S28D40JTP-50I 8Mx16 2.5V DDR400 TSOPII-66 MP
256Mb A3S56D40GTP-50I 16Mx16 2.5V DDR400 TSOPII-66 MP
256Mb A3R56E40ABF-8EA/I 16Mx16 1.8V DDR2-800 FBGA-84 MP
512Mb A3R12E40CBF-8EA/I 32Mx16 1.8V DDR2-800 FBGA-84 NFND
512Mb A3R12E40DBF-8EA/I 32Mx16 1.8V DDR2-800 FBGA-84 MP
1Gb A3R1GE40JBF-8EA/I 64Mx16 1.8V DDR2-800 FBGA-84 MP


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