8-bit Microcontroller

8-bit Microcontroller


FT51A – 8 Bit 8051 Compatible Core


The FT51A series provides an 8051 compatible-core  with best in class performance and unique features including multiple ADCs, USB2.0 Full  Speed Device, and USB hub function targeted at cascading multiple FT51A systems, or to connect an additional USB peripheral like a mouse or keyboard.


Enhanced Digital features:

  • 8051-compatible core running at a maximum frequency of 48MHz
  • High speed operation 48MIPS@48MHz
  • 16kB program/shadow memory
  • 8kB data memory
  • True 0WS operation to 48MHz
  • FT12 series compatible USB2.0 Full-Speed/Low-Speed peripheral controller with Battery Charger Detection (BCD)
  • USB downstream port
  • Enhanced UART with transfer rates from 300 to 3M baud
  • Integrated hardware debugger
  • PWM controller
  • I2C master/slave controller
  • SPI master/slave controller
  • 4 extra timers plus watchdog function
  • 8-bit parallel FIFO
  • UART/SPI/FIFO, all with DMA functions
  • Integrated clock generation, no external crystals required


Enhanced Analog features:


  • 16 analog IO cells for ADC functions


Standard features:


  • 8051 peripheral set
  • Up to 16 Digital IO
  • USB DFU Bootloader
  • Integrated power-on-reset circuit
  • +5V single supply operation
  • Internal 3.3V/1.8V LDO regulators
  • Low operating and suspend current 20 mA (active) and 150 uA (suspend)
  • Range of compact packaging options available: 48-pin WQFN, 44-pin LQFP, 32-pin WQFN and 28-pin SSOP

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