2D Touch Pads / Touch Screens

2D Touch Pads / Touch Screens


Use Microchips proven turnkey solution with the maXTouch® family and benefit from leading edge technology for small and large multi-touch pads and screens. maXTouch® combines water tolerance, glove support, stylus and highest noise robustness for automotive and industrial applications. Integrate our 2D touch libraries with your application on your favorite for PIC (8b) and SAM (32b) MCU.


maXTouch® Touchscreen Controllers


Turnkey Solution for Multi-Finger Robust and Reliable Touch Pads and Screens


The maXTouch touch controller family provides a leading projected capacitive technology for touchscreens and touch pads. It supports single-finger, multi-fingers and gloved-finger operation. Regardless of the operating environment—hot or cold, dry or wet, noisy power supply or strong radiating surrounding devices—maXTouch controllers are designed for robust and reliable operation without compromising touch performance.


The maXTouch portfolio covers solutions for all touch surfaces and touch screens up to 24” diagonal size. Additionally, I2C, SPI, and USB communication interfaces are available. maXTouch controllers embed best-in-class and proven touch algorithms which ease the touch system development and significantly reduce time to market.


2D Touch Libraries


With maXTouch®, Microchip offers the leading multi touch solution for touch pad and touch screens in automotive and industrial applications.


2D Touch on MCUs is an alternative solution for smaller touch pads and touch screens. Key element is the integration of the user interface into the main controller of your device.  Supported are 8-bit PIC controller and 32-bit SAM controller – Low power and cost efficient platforms.


2D Analog Resistive Touch


The AR11xx series is legacy product suite for analog resistive touch. Cost effective, support for finger, stylus and Pen are just some key advantages of this mature technology.


SAMD20 and SAMD21
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