1D Touch - Buttons, Sliders, Wheels and Proximity

Microchip is  a long term player and constant innovator in touch.  Find your proven touch solution in our turnkey touch products or in our touch libraries for all of Microchip’s MCU platforms – PIC, AVR and SAM, from 8 to 32 bit.  MCU’s on all platforms features touch modules to ease usage, offload the core and to drive touch performance.


Product families:


CAP1xxx / MTCH10x / AT42QTxxx



Touch and Input Sensing
Parametric Search

1D Turnkey Solutions


Turnkey Touch solutions are the speed boats for your touch user interface. With a  fixed functionality and simple GUI based configuration they offer the shortest time-to-market (TTM). From a single button, via sliders and proximity, via water tolerant touch up to 64 buttons – Microchip offers fast and reliable turnkey touch solution. Hook them up to the sensor – power up – done.


1D Touch Library Solutions – Touch on MCU


Every MCU from Microchip with an ADC (PIC, AVR, SAM) can realize touch. To ensure your touch project benefits from proven touch algorithms for highest performance and reliability Microchip offers touch  libraries – These libraries are the essence of several decades of touch expertise, readily available for your design.

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