19" Rackmount Enclosures

19″ Rackmount Enclosures


Elma’s 19″ subracks and chassis are made of either aluminum or steel, with options for cooling, EMC, shock & vibration, and to comply with specific standards requirements. Elma’s Eurocard-based enclosures are available for most major bus architectures (VPX, VME, CPCI, ATCA, uTCA, AXIe, COMe).


This section includes:


– Eurocard-style Card Racks: Extrusion-based subracks compatible with most bus- and serial fabric-based architectures (VPX, VME, CPCI, ATCA, mTCA, etc.)
– EMC Subracks: Shielded card cages designed for electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC)
– 19” Enclosure Case: Type 38, applicable as tabletop or stand-alone enclosure
– 19” Rackmount Accessories: 19″ front panels, adapter kits, PCB accessories, telescopic rails, fan trays and key board trays

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