12W Desktop

Fulfils Class II SELV for the following applications IEC60601-1, UL 2601, VDE, CE label. Fulfils medical application Class B/BF/CF


Ampere Stockno Country
DT12 Medical Series
5,0V DC 2000 mA 1826391 World Wide
6,0V DC 1700 mA 1826392 World Wide
7,5V DC 1400 mA 1826393 World Wide
9,0V DC 1200 mA 1826394 World Wide
12,0V DC 1000 mA 1826395 World Wide
15,0V DC 800 mA 1826396 World Wide
18,0V DC 660mA 1826397 World Wide
24,0V DC 500 mA 1826398 World Wide
    1813578 Wallbracket
  Primary power cords
    Secondary plugs  


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