Interface IC's

Interface IC’s

FTDI Chip’s integrated circuit development is guided by a simple principle, Making Design Easy. This translates into taking into account of not just the chip design, but also system integration and software needs, value-added features and design support. To this end, FTDI offers a wide product offering for USB solutions including Full Speed and Hi-Speed chips for USB peripherals, hosts, and bridges, as well as our Vinculum family of 16 bit micro-controllers with multi-port USB capabilities.

Interface IC’s FT-X series devices offer lower power, lower pin count, and a leadership feature set, that makes bridging from a USB ports to UART, I2C, enhanced SPI (FT1248) or FIFO interfaces easy to design and implement.

FT-x Series:

• FT200XD – Full Speed USB to I2C Bridge in 10 pin DFN package
• FT201X – Full Speed USB to I2C Bridge
• FT220X – Full Speed USB to 4-Bit SPI / FT1248 Bridge
• FT221X – Full Speed USB to 8-bit SPI / FT1248 Bridge
• FT230X – Full Speed USB to Basic UART
• FT231X – Full Speed USB to Full Handshake UART
• FT234XD – Full Speed USB to Basic UART
• FT240X – Full Speed USB to 8- bit FIFO


FT12 Series Controllers

• FT120 USB full-speed Device Controller
• FT121 USB full-speed Device Controller with SPI Interface
• FT122 USB full-speed Device Controller with 8-bit Parallel Interface

Vinculum family – USB Host / Slave Controllers

• Vinculum-II Programmable USB 2.0 Host / Slave Controller
• Vinculum Embedded USB 2.0 Host Controller


FT300 Series ICs – USB Host / Android Open Accessory (AOA) Solutions

• FT311D – Full-Speed USB2.0 Host IC Optimized for Android Platforms
• FT312D – Full-Speed Android Open Accessory USB2.0 Host to UART Bridge
• FT313H – Hi-Speed USB2.0 Host Controller

FT Series ICs – USB Slave Converters

• FT232H – Single Channel Hi-Speed USB to Multipurpose UART/FIFO IC
• FT2232H – Hi-Speed USB 2.0 – Dual UART/FIFO Converter
• FT4232H – Hi-Speed USB 2.0 – Quad UART Converter
• FT4222H – Hi-Speed USB to SPI/I2C Bridge
• FT232R – Single USB 2.0 to Serial UART Converter IC.
• FT245R – Single USB 2.0 to FIFO Converter IC.
• FT232B – Single USB to UART Converter ICs
• FT245B – Single USB to FIFO Converter ICs



FT60x Series ICs – USB SuperSpeed 3.0 to FIFO Bridges

• FT600 – SuperSpeed USB 3.0 to 16 bit wide FIFO Bridge
• FT601 – SuperSpeed USB 3.0 to 32 bit wide FIFO Bridge
• FT602 – SuperSpeed USB 3.0 to 32 bit wide FIFO UVC Bridge


HID class USB devices

• FT260 – Full Speed HID Class USB to UART/I2C

FT90x Series – 32 bit MCU

FT51A Series – 8 bit MCU

FT93x Series – 32 bit MCU

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