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Wide range of compact OLED Displays

With a wide range of extremely compact OLED displays, ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY has paved the way for new fields of use. The monochromatic display elements now come in a variety of designs featuring different sizes, profiles, resolutions and colours to suit various uses – even where it has not been possible to integrate a screen until now. The low-power OLED displays come in round, square and rectangular designs. The diagonal size of the smallest display unit is hardly 0.66” (just under 1.7 cm). Their extremely flat construction (starting at 2.05 mm) allows all display elements to be fitted neatly into miniaturised devices.

SKU: 11810


  • Temperature range -40ºC and +80ºC
  • Large viewing angle of 170 degrees
  • High contrast ratio of 2000:1
  • Operating hours 50.000 – 100.000

Ordering code Diagonale Resolution Dimensions Color Data Sheet
in mm
EA W064048-XALG 0,66″ 64×48 18,46×18,1 yellow pdf
EA W096016-XALB 0,66″ 96×16 29,1×9,2 blue pdf
EA W096016-XALW 0,84″ 96×16 29,1×9,2 white pdf
EA W096064-XALG 0,95″ 96×64 24,9×22,95 yellow pdf
EA W128128-XRLB 1,18″ round 128×128 36,98×41,23 blue pdf
EA W128128-XRLG 1,18″ round 128×128 36,98×41,23 yellow pdf
EA W128128-XRLW 1,18″ round 128×128 36,98×41,23 white pdf
EA W128128-XALG 1,5″ 128×128 33,8×36,5 yellow pdf
EA W128032-XALG 2,0″ 128×32 59×19 yellow pdf
EA W128064-XALG 2,42″ 128×64 60,5×37 yellow pdf
EA W256064-XALG 3,12″ 256×64 88×27,8 yellow pdf
EA W256064-XGLG 5,5″ 256×64 146×45 yellow pdf

EA W128064-XALG

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