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Ultra-stable VCTCXO satisfies criteria for LTE-A

IQD’s new low jitter, tight stability IQXT-316 series VCTCXO is designed to satisfy key standards criteria for LTE-A, WCDMA & small cell network synchronisation. The IQXT-316 uses ASIC technology and is designed to meet the short and medium term stability requirements of packet network synchronisation for Small Cells. The oscillator has low jitter to meet network interface requirements (e.g. 10GE) and low phase noise to meet radio interface requirements of LTE-A (TS 36.104) and WCDMA (TS 25.104) transceivers. The IQXT-316 is the ideal choice for Small Cell synchronisation requirements.


  • Patented ‘varactor linearisation’ removes the effects of tilt when using voltage control
  • HCMOS and Clipped Sinewave output options available
  • LTE phase noise compliant

IQXT-316 Datasheet

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