LED & Solid State Lighting

Tunable white and dim-to-warm LED series

Bridgelux Vesta Series is a comprehensive line of tunable white and dim-to-warm products that enable fixture manufacturers to build adaptable lighting solutions into their installations. Vesta Series products tap into the powerful mediums of light and color to influence experience, well-being, and human emotion. They allow designers to mimic daylight to increase productivity and well-being, retailers to influence shopper behavior, and fixture manufactures to simulate the familiar glow and dimming of incandescent lamps. Vesta Series is comprised of CSP-based tunable white arrays, SMD-based linear boards, and dim-to-warm arrays.

SKU: 11387


  • Comprehensive line of tunable and dim-to-warm products
  • CSP based tunable arrays for premium applications, SMD based linear and circular boards for cost effective, diffused lighting applications
  • Efficacy of 100 lm/W for dim-to-warm, 105 lm/W for tunable arrays, and 125 lm/W for linear boards
  • Flux packages from 700 to 3100 typical lumens

Vesta Series Datasheet

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