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Powerguard SSD/mSATA Supports Wide Operating Temperature

Cervoz’s new M336/R336 is a powerful flash product which fits in industrial applications. Coupling with tantalum capacitors, Cervoz M336/R336 wide temperature models are available in 2.5-inch SSD and mSATA form factors, as they provide exceptional durability with the Powerguard (power loss protection) function and extended operating temperature range.

It is worth mentioning that, Powerguard series also adopts RO-MLC technology, which enables ten times of reliability than MLC flash memory with just double cost, thanks to Cervoz’s proprietary firmware.


SKU: 11994
  • The wide temperature models support -40°C ~ +85°C operating temperature range, passing the rigorous in-house tests.
  • The R336 incorporates RO-MLC, optimized with proprietary firmware to accomplish higher reliability with greater performance.
  • Cervoz Powerguard is designed with tantalum capacitors with wider temperature operation capability, stability in power output, and greater storage capacity comparing to the conventional electrolytic capacitor.
  • Cervoz Powerguard SSD elongates up to 40X discharge time than standard SSD (up to 250ms), after encountering improper power failure.



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