Wireless & Networking

Open M2M Embedded Linux platform

A family of open, flexible and powerful wireless embedded computers, providing fully wireless capabities for remote management and monitoring. Combine the best set of technologies and features to develop telemetry and telematic applications thanks to the huge range of options.

SKU: 12302

Key features:

  • GPS
  • Embedded IP functionality
  • Wide variety of interfaces:
    – Analog and Digital I/O
    – 3 RS232 & 1 RS485
    – 2 CAN, 2 K-Line & iButton
    – Audio, USB
    – Ethernet, uSD, etc.
  • Optional Communication technologies:
    – Bluetooth™ (Bluetooth 2.1, BLE)
    – WiFi
    – Satellite
    – I/Os expansion board
  • Complete development environment and software packages.
  • Highly customizable & Remote Over-The-Air Update (OTA)

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