Embedded Computing

New NXP i.MX8 processors on Qseven and SMARC modules

As a member of NXP’s Early Access Program, the new congatec modules will be available in time with the production launch of the new ARM Cortex A53 / A72 based processor family. This enables OEM customers to implement their first-to-market strategies efficiently, since they can start designing the carrier board for their applications now and will be able to leverage application-ready i.MX8 based congatec modules from day one of the launch date.

QSeven features:

Targeting next generation ultra mobile embedded processors built using latest mobile chip technologies, the Qseven® format complements the low power and small size of these processors. By exploiting the small form factor of the industry’s latest processors, the Qseven® format offers high performance computing power, delivered in a module measuring only 70 x 70 mm² or 40×70 mm².

Smarc features:

The 314 pins of the SMARC 2.0 connector, which is also used for the MXM 3.0 graphics card standard, provide space for up to four video outputs, underlining SMARC 2.0’s particular suitability for multimedia applications.

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