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The world’s most advanced electronic paper driver perfectly coupled with the best in e-paper, the 9.7-inch display from manufacturer E Ink®. Mounted on plexiglas for easiest access. Battery included.

For grayscale images of the highest definition. Ultra low power signage. Paperlike readability and crisp images. Multiple connectivity options supported.

  • Next generation of Visionect System Boards. Fine-tuned for best performance of the 9.7” E Ink® electronic paper display. Mounted onto a plexiglas base for simplest handling and prototyping, with an attached battery.
  • A 180° wide viewing angle. No glare, no light pollution. Superb grayscale image.
  • Patented ultra low energy architecture, only 1% of the power used by LCD. Enabling off-the-grid, solar-powered solutions.
  • Multiple connectivity options: Wi-Fi, 3G or Ethernet.
  • 1 month of free hosting, for effortless development.
  • 1  hour of Visionect Startup Support for most efficient prototyping.
  • Free access to the Visionect Software Suite: Visionect Configurator to set up your solution, Digital Signage App to upload simple images, and Administration Interface to keep track of sign behavior.
  • Support for images and HTML.
  • Compatible with any Content Management System, easily integrated through APIs.
SKU: 7911


Technical information

System Board

  • Size: 110mm by 80mm.
  • Connectivity: 2G/3G, Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
  • Software: Full access to Visionect Software Suite.
  • Operational temperature range: 0°C to +50°C (32°F to 122°F).
  • Storage temperature range: -25°C to +70°C (-13°F to 158°F).

Electronic paper display

  • E Ink® electronic paper display.
  • Color: 16-level grayscale
  • Active area: 9.7 inches.
  • Resolution: 1200 by 825px. Reflective electrophoretic technology.
  • Viewing angle: 180°.


  • Battery: High performance Lithium-Polymer 10000mAh


  • Material: Plexiglas board with a mounted e-paper panel. Easy to access System Board and battery for simplest handling.


The simplest way to create your own digital signage solution on electronic paper. Hosting and Visionect support services included, enabling fastest prototyping and time to market.

The latest generation of Visionect System Boards coupled with the 9.7 inch e-paper display and Visionect’s Software Suite, creating a perfect ready-to-go development environment. Mounted onto a plexiglass base for simple handling and easy development access.

First choice of leading signage companies worldwide. A key step in developing versatile digital solutions: museum labels, door signage, parking signs, arrival information boards and more.