LED & Solid State Lighting

A complete LED lighting module, incl. optics – just 5.6mm thick

Plessey’s Stellar Orion™ LED module family enables new concepts in LED lighting design. The Orion™ family provides an innovative approach to directional lighting applications opening new opportunities for creativity.

The OrionTM product range uses Plessey’s innovative StellarTM beam forming technology to enable freedom of design, reduced footprint and improved thermal characteristics in directional lighting applications.


SKU: 11228

•Plessey combines LED technology with Stellar™ Beam Forming Optics to provide an efficient and slim line module.
•Innovative replacement for CoB (Chip on Board) type modules providing customers with a fresh approach.
•Effective control of beam angle and colour over angle.
•Improved thermal characteristics reducing the heat sink requirements.
•A variety of CRI’s (Colour Rendering Index) and CCT’s (Correlated Colour Temperatures) are available.
•Stellar™ Beam Forming Optics provide control from a module thickness of just 5.6mm including optics.
•Delivers compact beam forming whilst reducing the fixture size.
•Modular family enables homogeneity of fixture size

Stellar Orion PLWS3000C – series Datasheet

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